Sunday, 2 January 2011

this was posted by a very clever do crafter called pickle

Last year I made these for stocking fillers  for the kids in my family
The mugs were 59p from home bargains and the ingredients were
2 sachets of drinking chocolate
a candy cane
mini marshmallows
and choc chip cookies
the verse reads:
One day I met a snowman
Frosty was his name
He told me his secret recipe
For snowman soup, he claimed

On the days he gets really chilly
He makes a yummy brew
And since it’s such a lovely treat
I thought I’d share it with you

Open up your soup packet
And pour into your cup
Add hot water to the mix
Take the cane and stir it up

Add some snowman kisses
And a few snowballs for fun
It’s sure to warm your spirits
When the winter day is done
They went down a treat
kerry x
  P.S I always look out for cheap mugs in home bargains...b&m's pounshops etc


  1. can't see the pic sandy!!
    kathleen mc x

    btw not sure if you know but you have word verfication enabled. if you want to remove it, have a look HERE